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Bali is a place that is very close to my heart, and at one point in my life, I hope I will be lucky enough to call it home.
When most families would go on camping trips or weekends to the snow, my family would go to Bali, as due to the privileges of having flight attendant parents, it was a far cheaper, and preferred, option.
To date I can count around 14 trips to Bali, which includes my first un-supervised trip with my boyfriend (at the age of 17), my sisters tropical paradise wedding (2014), and an abundance of drunken adventures, waterfall findings, and beach exploring, ending with some of the best sunsets my eyes have ever seen.
These experiences, as well as my unquenchable need to experience everything and see everything life has to offer, has given me an amazing foursite into Bali and I’m going to mention some of the things that I feel are extremely important to know when visiting Bali.


The local currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah, and no matter who you are or where you come from, if your holidaying in Bali chances are you can call yourself a millionaire. $10 Australin is equivalent to 100,000 rupiah, so just having $100 in your bank automatically makes your a millionaire, at least that’s what I tell myself… The money is neat, however when exchanging money in Bali you need to make sure you go to a LEGITIMATE money changer, as every second man in Bali is an apparent ‘money changer’ and will happily rip you off. It’s happened to my ex boyfriend once and trust me, they are good at it!


I know a lot of people and parents who haven’t been to Bali are very concerned about the safety, lack of rules, and potential terrorist issues that surround Bali. I’m not saying they don’t have a viable point, however things are much more hyped up in the media then what is realistic, and Bali is such a big place that steering clear of the tourist traps isn’t only the safer option, but the preferabal option. Some places include the Gilli Islands, Nusa Lembongan, Canggu (my favourite place) and Ubud.

Sunsets and Nightlife after hours

the nightlife in Bali, let me just say, is amazing. Gone is the problem of having to wait till the weekend for that one night that always goes off, because Bali honestly has something on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT that will make you throw a dress over your bikini and throw back a tequila or 10 for a fun night of dancing and adventures. And I’m not talking about Bounty and those other venues that have built quite the reputation. But of venues in Seminyak, and Canggu, that generally have a much more civilised crowd, and absolutely stunning venues .

Deus in Canggu, is best on Sunday nights, they have different styles of live music playing and an absolutely amazing vibe. They also have ‘Tattoo Tuesdays’ where they do free tattoos on for the first people to arrive.

Old Mans in Canggu, is possibly my favourite spot, being right on the beach with a very favourable cocktail menu. It’s got such a relaxed feel and I really love the crowd. It goes of on a wednesday but is also good to go on Sunday before Deus

Single Fin in Uluwatu, takes a surf bar to a whole nother level. Situated on the cliff side of Uluwatu it is famous for its incredible surf views and amazing vibes. Sunday nights go off at this place with incredible DJs and amazing drinks (I highly recommend the watermelon margarita jug)

Pretty poison in Canggu is a skate shop/skate bowl which transforms into a popular nighttime venue after dark, and also has a pretty awesome drinks menu.

La favela in Seminyak I would visit purely to see and experience as it is one of the quirkiest and interesting bars I’ve visited. Decorated like a pixies forest but with random objects of bikes and books and old chests lying around it’s definitely worth the visit. Come here for a drink during the week or come on a weekend for a dance, a Saturday night this place is extremely busy and you can definitely count on this place for a big night.

Fabrik is fairly new to me, location in Seminyak I have only been here once. But it was one of those nights that was so fantastically memorable that I felt it needed a mention. It’s a place you can stay at until all hours of the morning and contains to levels, upstairs for hip hop, funky music, and downstairs with a more techno deep house vibe.

And for an incredible sunset spot for some afternoon drinks I’d recommend

La Plancha, on Seminyak beach, where you literally sit on bean bags on the beach, is decorated with multi colour umbrellas which light up as the sun goes down, and really makes for an unforgettable site.

Potato Head, for swim in the day, amazing food and a stunning sunset

Single fin, in Uluwatu, because the sunset over the water as the surfers catch their last waves in is just spectacular

Ku De Ta, in Seminyak, is a bit more fancy and has an AMAZING cocktail menu


La Plancha
La Plancha
Single Fin by day
Karma Kandara beach at sunset
Seminyak Resort and Spa


Sunsets from Legian beach
Sunset from the rooftop pool at hotel Legian 101


One thing about Bali that in my opinion makes it one of the best places on earth, is the absolutely incredible food that is created and comes out of this amazing island.

There is such a range of creative and healthy foods that you are spoilt for choice every time you go.

I actually have a really hard time deciding where to each each day as there are just too many incredible choices and not enough meals in one day! Some of my all time favourites are

Poke Poke – A spin on the traditional Hawaiian dish is a healthy salad made with fresh and wholesome ingredients and topped with delicious raw tuna. I could eat this all day every day and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT. Located in Canggu

Nalu Bowls, one of the original breakfast bowl creators, sells Acai breakfast bowls amongst other variations of delicious fruits goodness. Topped with almost any fruit of your choice you can choose from frozen peanut banana options, blueberry, mango, coconut. If I could have this for breakfast every day, I would.

Nalu Bows, Canggu

Other favourite places include

Sea circus, Seminyak

Mexicola, Seminyak (for a fun Mexican night of margaritas and dancing on tables)

Beatlenut, Canggu

Canteen, Canggu, the breakfasts are to die for

Cinta Grill & Inn, Ubud, is some of the most delicious westernised food I’ve tasted in bali. The crispy cauliflower tacos are to die for. Literally.

Peloton Superfood shop, seminyak, for the most tasty and brilliantly creative vegan food I have ever seen/heard of/tried

Swept Away, at the Samaya Resort, Ubud, is to this day, the best food I have ever eaten. It is much more of a fine dining experience, with my group all having the 6 course taster menu, but my god was it amazing. I honestly have dreams of this meal and can’t wait to go again.


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