Bali Swings and how to find them

If you are wanting to get the perfect tropical swing photo then Bali is the place to be

Nestled in the ubud jungle right above the rapids is the famous bali swings that have been posted by a lot of bloggers and influencers.

Originally there was just the one swing at a beautiful little hotel called Zen Hideaway

But bloggers started posting photos there and since the hotel wouldn’t allow non staying guests to go in someone decided to buy a nearby lot and build some swings and other cute photo opportunities for tourists to visit and get the ‘perfect instagram shot’. They named it Bali Swings

So I was on my way to Bali Swings when I saw a sign for Bali Bahama Swings, I was a tad confused so stopped to ask the staff about it they said it was being built as ANOTHER bali swings and if I wanted to check it out. It was still in the process of being built so they gave me an awesome deal to check it out so I thought why not.

And the best part about it was I was the only person there !

I had 4 amazing swings and a bunch of cute little nooks and nests to take photos in and the lovely staff were more then happy to take shots for me and push me on the swings for as long as I liked

I could see the other bali swing spot whilst swinging on the swings and it seemed to be quite busy, but I think either of the two will get you that amazing shot and awesome experience.

It’s a little out of the way but the drive was absolutely beautiful and your $33USD payment included lunch so you can spend a little bit of time up there and enjoy the swings.

There really is nothing quite like swinging high above the trees with nothing but tropical jungle in sight.

for details on booking and how to get there click the link below

Β Bali Bahama Swing website

xxx from Kaitlin


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