Bus rides in Bosnia

A spur of the moment trip to Bosnia turned out to be one of the best spontaneous decisions I have ever made.

I traveled with 3 girls and 3 boys, skippers and hostesses/boat chefs from my company that like me, had a week off. We arrived in the night, after an 8 hour bus ride that we had originally thought would be 4, and at first I was a bit sceptical that we had made the right decision. It was cold, like jumper worthy cold (which after 3 months in Europe of 30 degree days was a huge shock to the system in the minimal clothing we had) and our Airbnb was in the middle of nowhere!!

However I was proven wrong, as we explored the quaintly beautiful city of Sarajevo, feasted on delicious local meals for just €2, visited shisha bars filled with multicoloured cushions and a haze of sweet smelling smoke, and sampled the local waffles and gelato bars.

Bosnia was nothing like what I had expected, I hadn’t realised how culturally diverse this country was, and how much devastation had occurred here only 20 years ago when Bosnia was caught in the cross fire of the war between Croatia and Serbia for Croatias independence. The city we stayed in, Sarajevo, was absolutely stunning. Spotted with mosques and cathedrals, and quaint jewellery stores, we spent the days wondering up and down the markets only to brake for food or beer. Our night times involved cheap alcohol and ridiculous drinking games, that ended with watching The Big Lez show (watch and your own risk) which quickly sent us all to bed.

However what really got me was the landscape, the best of which I saw on my drive out of Sarajevo, Bosnia, and into Dubrovnik, Croatia.
After about an hour of driving we stopped for a 20 minute brake, at one of the many restaurants speckled along the windy road taking us out of Bosnia, and overlooking the incredible river that seemed to follow us all the way out of Bosnia

The colour of the water was absolutely breathtaking, in every shade of turquoise and at most times, completely still, with bridges crossing it and mountains surrounding it, it was one of the most picturesque inland water ways I have ever seen

The stark contrast was outstanding, as a stunning river flower through Bosnia, where as Croatias flame of the coast line gave it the stunning turquoise beaches it is so famous for.

I couldn’t keep my eyes from the window and I’m so happy I chose to take the bus over flying, something that I definitely don’t say often.

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