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Camaya Bali treehouse

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid the coolest thing in the world was a tree house. There was something about them that invoked excitement in me, and made me feel like magic existed. 

That’s why when I was invited to visit this villa that same excitement raced through me. I knew exactly where it was having had it on my bucket list for some time, and let me tell you the place is even better then the pictures.

Set in the rice terraces of Karangasem, Camaya Bali is an eco friendly bamboo house that is perfect place to detach from the rest of the world and enjoy an experience of pure bliss. 

My eyes were wide with wonder the entire time I was there, constantly in awe of the beautiful structure, incredible attention to detail and stunning scenery. Although the space isn’t huge every area has been cleverly created to fit the rest of the villa, and allow a whole new perspective of the house and incredible surroundings.  


There are two big beds, one in the upstairs bedroom and one in the downstairs area. There are no walls in the downstairs area, with only mosquito nets separating you from the outside world. I stayed in this ares and loved every minute of it, noises coming from geckos, frogs and the pouring rain, it reminded me of camping as a kid and really made me feel like I was in the outdoors.

The house came equipped with musical instruments, which we made great use off, basic gym equipment, an incredible hammock, a beautiful bamboo kitchen and a gorgeous outdoor shower.


However the best feature of Camaya was the net attached to the upstairs bedroom, that when filled with blankets and pillows, provided the perfect spot to chill and take in the incredible rice field views. There was absolutely zero human footprint as far as the eye could see and meals were brought promptly each day from the Camayas small kitchen just a short walk away.


Camaya has left me with butterflies in my stomach knowing that such beautiful places exist. I am so thankful to be able to experience such a beautiful place and cant wait to return here some day soon

xx from Kaitlin 

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  • Piu jean-marie

    really a beautiful country with beautiful pictures. You are very lucky.

  • Piu jean-marie

    beautiful landscapes, beautiful women, thank you for sharing these wonderful moments😥😥😥😥🍻

  • Nature view house

    This camaya house is really nice house with great view over incredible nature! I checked it on airbnb also😊
    If you will ever visit slovenia, you are wellcome to my house;

    • From Kaitlin

      Thankyou so much ! Your house looks beautiful I will definitely come to visit if I come to Slovenia one day 🙂

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