Hostess with the Mostest

So for 4 years now I have spent about a quarter of the year working as a hostess/boat chef on boats all around the world! This is on a boat for around 10 people and I am the only person on the boat doing ALL the shopping, preparing, cooking AND  cleaning….

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Food Glorious Food…. and The Yacht Week ?

Anyone who knows me know how much I love my food. I love eating food, I love discovering new foods, I love creating food, and I love cooking food for others.

However If someone had asked me in high school whether I saw myself cooking on boats all around the world for hundreds of people each year, I would have laughed in their faces. Not because I didn’t think it was an amazing career, but because I didn’t think I was capable of such a job. Turns out I was wrong.

It all begun when I returned home from my travels after modelling contract in Thailand, and realised that although I loved modelling, I wasn’t interested in spending another 6 months in taxis and going to castings every day, which meant I needed to find a new job to chase the sun around the world.

I had looked into a few things (working in Disney land and dancing on a cruise ship being two options that crossed my mind) when an amazing company was brought to my attention that I knew I needed to be apart of.

Welcome, The Yacht Week.

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  • To jump or not to jump 🤔😛💦
#definiteltyjump #bali #summer #love
  • My darling Cheeky is getting married! ❤️ No words can tell you how much I love you and how happy I am to be celebrating this special moment with you. You are my life goals and I hope one day I find a guy who makes me as happy as you and C are together 🌙💫🌙
#nothingbuttslove #nobuttsaboutit #bachelorette #baliandthebutts #iloveyou
  • Got a new hat 🤟🏽🤠 #bali
  • Never a bad day in Bali ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #Bali #love #summer #travel #happygirl #itshot #canggu
  • Well what an incredible few months it has been. I am constantly told how lucky I am to work In these beautiful countries all around the world, and don’t get me wrong, I am. 
However luck only plays a very small part in doing something you love. I have helped many girls and guys follow in the same path as me and it is just about taking that step out of your comfort zone, going into unchartered territory and giving something new a go. It is going to be scary but it will be the best thing you ever did ❤️
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  • When someone says it’s their turn... haha NOPE 😛
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