A models life in Picture Perfect Thailand

My first international job I scored was at the age of 18, when my life in Sydney was a chaotic mess. I had zero stability, constantly moving around Sydney and sticking strong to the notion that I did NOT want a regular 9-5 job. Ever. So was doing a lot of different jobs in modelling and events to earn a living. In the previous years I’d slowly inched my way into the world of modelling, so I made that the driving point to finding my first international job.

The idea to start modelling began when I was on set as an extra shooting for Home and Away (a very common job for young people where I grew up, as the show is shot locally) when I over heard another extra talking about a hair modelling job she had just done, and how amazing and easy the job was.

Me, at this time, had long thick healthy hair, and with the industrious attitude I seem to have acquired early I set out to use it to my advantage.
I went home and literally googled ‘hair modelling jobs’ where I found an online casting site, and started emailing some potential hair salons and hair dressers to debut my modelling career as a hair model. And would you have, I nailed my first casting and booked my first job hair modelling for the worlds best hostility from Russia, Georgy Kot. Photos from this event were featured in Vogue, and other media outlets, so gave me a little budge into the competitive world that is modelling.

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Bali Baby

Bali is a place that is very close to my heart, and at one point in my life, I hope I will be lucky enough to call it home.
When most families would go on camping trips or weekends to the snow, my family would go to Bali, as due to the privileges of having flight attendant parents, it was a far cheaper, and preferred, option.
To date I can count around 14 trips to Bali, which includes my first un-supervised trip with my boyfriend (at the age of 17), my sisters tropical paradise wedding (2014), and an abundance of drunken adventures, waterfall findings, and beach exploring, ending with some of the best sunsets my eyes have ever seen.
These experiences, as well as my unquenchable need to experience everything and see everything life has to offer, has given me an amazing foursite into Bali and I’m going to mention some of the things that I feel are extremely important to know when visiting Bali.

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Welcome to my World

Only after countless requests from curious friends and intrigued strangers, and spending 4 years travelling this wonderful world (having jobs in over 6 countries) have I finally decided to put my head down and put words to screen, to share some of the events and experiences that have and do make up my life

I’ve been pretty lucky in life where travel is concerned, primarily due to the fact that I have not one, but two flight attendant parents, and the privileges definitely ARE just as good as they say…
Being brought up in a house hold where trips to exotic overseas locations was a weekly occurrence for my parents, definitely contributed to my passion of travelling and my never ending search for the perfect job that combines travel with work and experiencing everything life has to offer.

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Oh Canada

Although it’s been a few years since I travelled to Canada, I thought I should give it a brief mention as it truely was one of the most stunning countries I’ve visited, and is much different to anywhere I’ve travelled since, or plan on travelling any time soon.

My trip to Canada was a very last minute decision. I’d just spent close to 3 months working on a boat in Croatia (I’ll get to that in another post) and had worked alongside a Canadian girl from Victoria, Canada. She invited me to visit, and since I had never been, i thought why not!

You’ll start to see a few trends in my posts; the first one being being that a lot of my travels are very last minute decisions ( I usually book flights the day before), and the second one that the large majority of my trips are all a particular kind of climate – HOT. And Canada, unfortunately, was not apart of this trend.

Having come straight from the European summer in Croatia, I was completely and utterly underprepared, and spent a good part of the trip freezing my toosh off, whilest my friend laughed saying it was Spring and to her, it wasn’t cold. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have an incredible time.

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