Let me just start with saying that Coachella weekend was one of the best weekends of my life

During my travels in bali I was very lucky to be introduced to an incredible bunch of people from the States, and 6 months later I somehow found myself on their turf surrounded by some of the sickest people I have ever met, and god did they show us a good time. Starting with Coachella.

Something I didn’t know about coachella was that the pre parties and after parties throughout the weekend are almost better then the festival itself, and I would have happily stayed at them all day everyday instead of making the time consuming trek in and out of the festival each day.

The one party we found ourself at each and every day day was the Hawkers party, hosted by the legend Alex Hawker, and lucky for me, was partially organised by one of the legends I met in Bali Nathan Groff. He introduce us to the people who we ended up staying with and spent the entire week with. This party was by far the the craziest party I have ever attended, with artists such as the Amigos, DJ Carnage, Post Malone, and Tyga performing.

Day 1 pre game at the Hawkers house !! Best party of the we

Across the road was the Nana Judy party, which we popped into each day, rubbing shoulders with people such as Rihanna and P Diddy (mind blown)

Marshmellows house was just up the road which we also visited, and Alesso’s was just past that.

Regardless of how good the parties were we did make the effort to head into the festival each day, but it wasn’t until day 3 that we actually saw the festival in the day light.

DAY 2 – Bralette and underwear set from Bras n Things, skirt made by me ! Hat from Hawkers

Even if we had gone the whole day all three days I don’t think we would have even scratched the surface on the amount of stages and acts there were, and I would happily go there to very day for a week just so i didn’t miss anything.

My favourite performance of the weekend was Lorde, she absolutely killed it and I’m so stoked to finally have had he chance to see her. Marshmellow was in close second and when we went to his house later on in the night it was all so surreal that this is normal for Americans.

DAY 3 and we finally made it in to the festival in the day light ! Cape from Camilla

If I had one thing to change I would do all the parties weekend one, then do just coachella weekend two (as the parties are only weekend one)

All in all I would kill to do it all over again, and I can’t say thankyou enough to the amazing people who showed us such a crazy good time and were absolute legends the whole weekend 😎🤘🏽

A Teeny video snippet of my time at Coachella! I was having far too much fun to film most of the time but this is a little compilation of what I saved!

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