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So for 4 years now I have spent about a quarter of the year working as a hostess/boat chef on boats all around the world! This is on a boat for around 10 people and I am the only person on the boat doing ALL the shopping, preparing, cooking AND  cleaning….

I absolutely love cooking which is why I’ve been doing it for so long, and love the chance to share my meals and watch as people enjoy them!

SO I thought I’d make this post to share some pictures of the different foods I have made this year 🙂 I have also made a little video of a compilation of the food I made in 1 week when I was one an incredible boat (lagoon 450 catamaran) so you can see the amount of food I have to make in just 1 week. I have done over 45 of these weeks!!

P.s. Cooking in a tiny little boat kitchen on the types of boats I do is ALOT different to cooking in a nice big kitchen. I often have 1 pan. 1 knife. No spatula. And an oven that operates with a tiny little flame. It’s not the best but we boat chefs make do and become the absolute BEST multi Tasker’s. 😈😈

Make your own wraps/salad with 4 bean feta salad and guacamole

Summer salads two ways with Asian style chicken skewers and garlic bread

Breakfast spreads change each day but always include hot and cold foods, and fruit!!

Pesto fetta bruschetta with mini granola cups, sautéed cherry tomatoes with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

Avocado toasts with a fruit and pastry platter, eggs and an assortment of cheese and meats

Chicken cooked two ways for DIY wraps with a side of Greek salad



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