The less travelled Rhodes of Greece

It was both a sadness and a miracle that I ended up in Rhodes, a result of my original trip to turkey being canceled due to the danger in the country at the time.
At first I was very dissapointed that I wouldn’t be able to go to Turkey, having dreamt of the beautiful coastline I had only seen in pictures and the hot air balloon rides I was itching to take

However after coming to terms with the fact I wouldn’t be visiting turkey, I was actually very excited to see a side of Greece that I had never seen, and a side rarely visited by tourists!

After spending a week in Bosnia I caught my flight out where I was to begin my first and only charter of the islands surroundings Rhodes. And let me just say it was possibly the most beautiful and picturesque set of islands I have ever seen.

Flying into Athens, Greece

The first 2 days I was able to check out the island of Rhodes, and it was much larger then I had expected. I was in utter awe of the history surrounding the city and how beautiful it was.

One of the many entrances surrounding Old Town, Rhodes

Wind mills along the old marina in Old Town
Old Town, Rhodes

The first island we visited was Chalki, and just sailing in I realised that this side of Greece, in my opinion, is far more beautiful then the side I’m used to.



The multicoloured houses and the crystal clear water set the standard for what was to come, and the islands to follow just got better and better, with quick swims and raft parties being the only things slowing us from reaching our next destination.

Fruit salad circle rafts

I couldn’t believe it as we pulled into each port and the views, the houses, and the landscape just got more and more beautiful, and more and more out of this world. How could I not have heard of such beauty, and how could such incredible islands be so hidden from tourism.

Adventuring around Tilos

Ilidi rock studios, Tilos


Nysiros truely blew my mind. There was so much to see over such a wide landscape, so it was luckily we had a full day to explore. A bunch of us rented scooters, the only way we would be able to see all we wanted as there was literally only 1 taxi on the entire island. 1.
We got lost on the way to the village we were supposed to be visiting, Nikia, and so found ourselves in a semi abandoned village over looking the island, and the views were stunning.

However we realised our mistake and made our way to Nikia, where a climb up to a hilltop monastery (ianni theologou monastery) was followed my a walk into town, where we came across the town centre, and boy was it stunning.

Ianni Theologou Monastry

We took our scooters to the centre of the island, to an active volcano crater (Yep, just casually) The last time the volcano went off was 7 centuries ago, but left an abundantly green crater in its wake. The view down was a absolutely breathtaking, and we knew we were getting close from the smell of the sulphar. It absolutely stank! We could actually climb into the crater, and it made it definitely made us feel exceptionally small.

Symi was the last of the islands and to me the most beautiful island, it wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before and looked like it was from another time, and another world. All the houses looked like paintings, intricately detailed in multicoloured paints, with white copper fencing and ornately carved Windows. We scootered through the town and with each corner came a new view that I just HAD to get a picture of. The result – a very full memory card and hundreds of pictures that never truly reflected the sheer beauty of what my eyes were seeing.

The beach in Symi is just as beautiful as the housing, and jet skis are the funnest way to experience it
sunset bike rides over looking Symi

I could go on and on about this trip, but I don’t think there are enough good things I could say that would truely explain the beauty and wonder that I felt and saw with my own eyes. But if you are ever searching for an untouched haven, cheaper then all the high tourist areas but far more beautiful, then these islands are the ones to see.



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  • Liz Livingston

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. The scenery is stunning and you look very relaxed and fetching. Good for you 🙂

    • From Kaitlin

      I am just seeing this comment from you now, thank you so much! It really was a beautiful place, its hard not be relaxed 😀

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