Hot air balloon breakfast on the rooftop of Sultan Hotel

So I have been travelling on and off for a good 6 years now. I have visited 22 countries and many many more cities, but there is nothing quite like last city I visited on my most recent 6 month trip.


There are no words to describe how fast and hard I fell in love with Cappadocia. It was the most magical city I have ever visited and I think it is one of those places that needs to me experienced to be believed. I have been travelling Europe for 4 years now and I can honestly say I would go back to Europe purely to visit this city.

A brief history
Cappadocia’s incredible land formations were formed over millions of years after 3 volcanos erupted and covered the former area in Ash and mud. Over the next 30 million years through wind erosion, the peaks, which are now the caves, were formed. The soft quality of the rocks allowed people to dig out the caves by hand. Making homes, churches, and even underground cities which are still being discovered to this day.

I won’t go too far into the history but it is a long and incredible one and even includes an underground city where an estimated 20,000 people hid during the advances of the Roman Empire.

It has incredible Valleys everywhere you look ranging from the famous red Valley to the hilarious Love Valleys, or what the locals like to call penis Valley 😂😂

Penis Valley ^ can you guess why


Not only is this place full of history that to me in incomprehensible, but the beauty of the city and activities available exceed anything I have ever experienced !

The Local Cave room pool, a great escape from the heat !


So one thing about Cappadocia that you will not be able to experience anywhere else is that you can actually stay in caves! Most of the hotels here are repurposed caves formed over the last thousands years but re done to suit tourists and travelers like myself! I stayed in the most INCREDIBLE hotel and highly recommend it to anyone, called The Village Cavehouse

Shisha and snacks organise by our amazing host Onur at the Village Cave Rooms Hotel

The owner of this place is an absolute legend and will help book you any activities from hot air balloon rides, to ATV riding, full moon horse riding adventures, to pointing out the best pools to escape to on sweltering days.

The Local Cave House

The ranch

You can even have a small camel ride with a photo op

I highly recommend the sunset ATV riding and the hot hair balloons ride, which will forever be one of my most magical memories.

The most beautiful and awing experience of my entire 6 months away was this hot air balloon ride !

ATV riding through the interesting rock formations 😂

Photos don’t even do this place justice but if you are ever on that side of the world you’d be a fool not to visit this extraordinary city.

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