Oh Canada

Although it’s been a few years since I travelled to Canada, I thought I should give it a brief mention as it truely was one of the most stunning countries I’ve visited, and is much different to anywhere I’ve travelled since, or plan on travelling any time soon.

My trip to Canada was a very last minute decision. I’d just spent close to 3 months working on a boat in Croatia (I’ll get to that in another post) and had worked alongside a Canadian girl from Victoria, Canada. She invited me to visit, and since I had never been, i thought why not!

You’ll start to see a few trends in my posts; the first one being being that a lot of my travels are very last minute decisions ( I usually book flights the day before), and the second one that the large majority of my trips are all a particular kind of climate – HOT. And Canada, unfortunately, was not apart of this trend.

Having come straight from the European summer in Croatia, I was completely and utterly underprepared, and spent a good part of the trip freezing my toosh off, whilest my friend laughed saying it was Spring and to her, it wasn’t cold. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have an incredible time.

We visited Victoria first, her home town, which is where I was first introduced to one of gods greatest creations, and do this day I still dream about as my favourite drink, the Bloody Ceasar. Haven’t heard of it? Well let me open your world. It’s Canada’s twist on a Bloody Mary, created by a man from Calgary where he changed up the recipe to use clomato juice (Clam and tomatoa) instead of tomato juice. Strange sounding, I know, but I promise you it will rock your world. These brilliant inventions combine the drink itself with a range of titbits like bacon, mozzarella and other things to create the best hangover cure the world has ever seen. I was even shown a place where you ordered a bloody Ceasar and an entire burger, a number of chicken wings, and other condiments came protruding from the glass… Amazing.. I know.

Bloody Ceasar

Anyway in Victoria there wasn’t a whole lot to see. We went to a very odd little festival which ran over a few days, and only served cider variations out of a huge colourful alcohol dispensing contraction which really made me question what’s up with Australia’s forebodingly boring alcohol lines. I’m still not sure who played, but it was an experience none the lest.

unknown festival, with uber cool bar (behind us)

Next we flew to Calgary, where my love for the Bloody Ceasar grew stronger, as I drank as many as I could in the city where it was created. However Calgary is also known for its absolutely insane national parks, so ofcoarse we day tripped to visit one of the most beautiful and iconic views of Canada; Lake Louise, located in Banff national Park.

This was the first official time that I had seen snow with my own two eyes. It was miles away on top of a mountain, but to me it was beautiful. You’ll notice I am wearing short shorts and a singlet… Yeh.. Didn’t think that one through… However as we canoed across the stunning lake I had not one thought of the cold but instead was stunned into silence at the beauty of what I was experiencing – the turquoise waters, and incredible Mountain range.

Lake Louise

After this we drove to Banffs’ gondola, where we you could pay to be taken up in the cable car, over the mountains, and to viewing deck and hiking travel at the summit of Sulpher mountains. This was one of the most spectacular views my eyes had ever seen, and something I will never forget, as it also providing me with my first real life experience of touching snow!!

Cable car to the top of Sulpher Mountain
Viewing deck atop Sulpher Mountain
A small area of Banff national Park

Last but not least we travelled to Vancouver, the nations capital city and where I’m told the hustle and bustle takes place. I personally didn’t have the time to experience this, as I was only there very breifly and it was SOOO cold! And by this point my friend and tour guide has gotten over playing tourist in her own country and just wanted to chill before we headed of to London! However we did go to another concert, which somehow ended with us up on stage and watching as the headlining act, Diplo, sang his song as a line of girls twerked to the audience from front of the stage. Don’t ask, because I really can’t tell you.

All in all Canada was an incredible experience, but you won’t see me trading the warmth in for that again any time soon.

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April 7, 2016

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