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Only after countless requests from curious friends and intrigued strangers, and spending 4 years travelling this wonderful world (having jobs in over 6 countries) have I finally decided to put my head down and put words to screen, to share some of the events and experiences that have and do make up my life

I’ve been pretty lucky in life where travel is concerned, primarily due to the fact that I have not one, but two flight attendant parents, and the privileges definitely ARE just as good as they say…
Being brought up in a house hold where trips to exotic overseas locations was a weekly occurrence for my parents, definitely contributed to my passion of travelling and my never ending search for the perfect job that combines travel with work and experiencing everything life has to offer.

Lake Louise, Bamff, Canada
The Similan Islands, Thailand
The Edge, Uluwatu, Bali
The Yacht Week, Croatia
The Ski Week, Oberteaurn, Austria
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